May 10, 2010

What's in your wallet?

I am a collector of business cards and other pieces of paper I find on my travels. Here are a few of my favourite that are in my wallet right now.

These are a collection of cards that I've been carrying with me since I found them. Starting top left is Loopy Mango a great store in Brooklyn that I went to last spring, next, my card from, below, Greenwich Letterpress - awesome shop and letter-pressed (I love letterpress), with the owls, great design and printing from Virginia Johnson, the squares, from Nadege a fantastic card from a fantastic bakery ( I always end up giving these away), at the diner, Universal Grill how it once looked, and last but not least Coquine, the food is even better then the card.

Some of these I carry so that I can find my way back, some I give away when I'm giving a recommendation but some I carry with me as inspiration. I like the paper, the printing or the design - they end up being a piece of portable art and reference. What's in your wallet?

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