May 18, 2010

Collection : Cameras

I have always had a thing for cameras, the way they look, the pictures and as my family will tell you I loved to be in front of one. Over the last couple of years I have been picking them up at garage sales and thrift stores and have amassed a little collection. I haven't tired to use any of the garage sale finds yet but might try to one day soon. Not all the cameras in the above photo are vintage - the red camera is my White Stripes edition Jack White Holga and the Diana + (between the robot and the Buddha) are both new and get used quite often. Most of the cameras are versions of The Brownie but the white camera on the far right is one of the first Polaroid cameras. The Polaroid is the one I am most interested in finding film for - I would love to try it out.

In some of my previous posts you can see the beautiful photos that the Diana + with Instant Back takes and coming soon I will be sharing some of the great things the Holga is capable of. All of the cameras pictured take film, I love film. Film is taking a chance, remember the feeling you would get when you dropped your film off and even more so the one when you would go to pick it up? So anxious and hopeful and excited. I seriously encourage you to pick up a film camera (Holga's and Diana's are easy to find and very reasonably priced) and have some fun, take some chances and see what you get.

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