May 5, 2010


{Part of my 45 collection}
Collecting is a part of my life, I blame it on my mom. I thought that I would share part of my 45 collection, I selected these records for many different reasons - colour, packaging, nostalgia, or an interesting acquisition.
1. 3 White Stripes records for their packaging, part of an ongoing collaboration of Jack White and Rob Jones. I love the matador trading cards.
2. The MC5 and The Pleasure Seekers re-issues, because I love the music and because my mom saw both in concert together in 1969. I still have the handbill.
3. The two sides of Julian Casablancas - the classic crooner and the post apocalyptic musician. I am truly in love with the classic design of the Christmas 45.
4. The New Detroit, if #2 is where Detroit rock was #4 is where we are today. Two great bands, great music, and great design.
5. This double 45 is the interesting acquisition. The first part (including sleeve) came with an issue of NME and the second part was ordered from England. Each 45 is single sided with an etching on the B-side.
6. Simplicity and Chaos. Not only a contrast in music but a contrast in design. Both with a nod to the past.
7. The Strokes. Both translucent vinyl that beautifully match the sleeve design. A complete package.

There were many more that I had to save for another time. I think this calls for a 45 dance party some time today.

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