May 26, 2010

Hanky Panky

It has been a balmy 95 degrees with humidity the last couple of days and is showing no signs of cooling off. When it's this hot we can all use a hanky. Below is a beautiful hanky made for this weather.
This is a quick and easy project for a sunny spring day.
First you will need a hanky, you can buy plain cotton hankies for under a dollar each or if you have fabric scraps hanging around you can make one by sewing a 1/4" hem around the outside of a 12" x 12" square.

Next, I used a punch to punch circles and scissors to cut a "C" out of Freezer Paper. Freezer Paper is the key to this project. It has a waxed side and a clean side once you have your shape cut out iron the waxy side down to the hanky.

Now place your hanky on some scrap paper (incase the paint bleeds through the fabric) use a paint brush to paint fabric paint or screen printing paint over your cut out shapes. Peel away the paper and you're done. Let the paint dry and follow the instructions on your paint bottle to set the paint.

This would make a lovely gift for anyone and completely customizable. Depending on the design you choose this would make a great gift for a mother, father, bride, groom or just a good friend.

May 24, 2010

There's no place like home

Visiting my mom is always a treat but it's even more fun when she goes the extra mile to make it special. My mom has some awesome collections and is a constant inspiration. I arrived home for the weekend, walked into my room and found this...
This typewriter is a touch that would work for any boutique hotel or for the next house guest you have. You never know, your guest room could be the just the right place to write the next great american novel.

Another great touch is big mug of coffee always served with your own pitcher of milk and a couple pieces of chocolate.
Last but not least my mom has some fantastic vinettes placed throughout the house to show off some of her great collections. This one showcases cameras, globes and other travel pieces. There truly is no place like home.

May 18, 2010

Collection : Cameras

I have always had a thing for cameras, the way they look, the pictures and as my family will tell you I loved to be in front of one. Over the last couple of years I have been picking them up at garage sales and thrift stores and have amassed a little collection. I haven't tired to use any of the garage sale finds yet but might try to one day soon. Not all the cameras in the above photo are vintage - the red camera is my White Stripes edition Jack White Holga and the Diana + (between the robot and the Buddha) are both new and get used quite often. Most of the cameras are versions of The Brownie but the white camera on the far right is one of the first Polaroid cameras. The Polaroid is the one I am most interested in finding film for - I would love to try it out.

In some of my previous posts you can see the beautiful photos that the Diana + with Instant Back takes and coming soon I will be sharing some of the great things the Holga is capable of. All of the cameras pictured take film, I love film. Film is taking a chance, remember the feeling you would get when you dropped your film off and even more so the one when you would go to pick it up? So anxious and hopeful and excited. I seriously encourage you to pick up a film camera (Holga's and Diana's are easy to find and very reasonably priced) and have some fun, take some chances and see what you get.

May 10, 2010

What's in your wallet?

I am a collector of business cards and other pieces of paper I find on my travels. Here are a few of my favourite that are in my wallet right now.

These are a collection of cards that I've been carrying with me since I found them. Starting top left is Loopy Mango a great store in Brooklyn that I went to last spring, next, my card from, below, Greenwich Letterpress - awesome shop and letter-pressed (I love letterpress), with the owls, great design and printing from Virginia Johnson, the squares, from Nadege a fantastic card from a fantastic bakery ( I always end up giving these away), at the diner, Universal Grill how it once looked, and last but not least Coquine, the food is even better then the card.

Some of these I carry so that I can find my way back, some I give away when I'm giving a recommendation but some I carry with me as inspiration. I like the paper, the printing or the design - they end up being a piece of portable art and reference. What's in your wallet?

May 7, 2010

Make & Give: For Mom

A couple of days ago I posted the instructions for turning a polaroid into a folded card. Now that my mom has received this in the mail I can show you how to turn that card into a gift for Mom ( or anyone else special in your life).

First, find some items that the recipient will enjoy that will fit neatly onto your envelope. I chose a Fauchon chocolate bar and a 1" pin with a picture of a bird - both are items I think my mom would find special. I then used decorative Japanese masking tapes to attach the items to the envelope, you could also use ribbons or yarn or any of the various colours or widths of painters tapes now available.

Next, because this was going in the mail I wrapped it in some tissue so that the chocolate bar would get their in one piece. Even if you weren't going to send it this just adds another layer of fun, remember those great party games where you passed the item around and everyone removed a layer?

The next step is to make your package road worthy (or mail worthy in this case). I used a brown manila envelope that was double the size of my card (because that was the size I had at home), I wrapped it around the card twice and sealed it. This left the sides open and another opportunity to make the package pretty - again your imagination is the only limit. As an aside I love manila envelopes and wish they came in every shape and size.

Lastly, to make sure it's sealed up and to leave no space unadorned I worked on the back. A cute stamp or sticker would have also been a great option. The only thing left to do is address it and send it off to that special person. I don't know anyone who wouldn't love to find this surprise waiting for them in their mailbox.
Have a great weekend and send a piece of snail mail.

May 5, 2010


{Part of my 45 collection}
Collecting is a part of my life, I blame it on my mom. I thought that I would share part of my 45 collection, I selected these records for many different reasons - colour, packaging, nostalgia, or an interesting acquisition.
1. 3 White Stripes records for their packaging, part of an ongoing collaboration of Jack White and Rob Jones. I love the matador trading cards.
2. The MC5 and The Pleasure Seekers re-issues, because I love the music and because my mom saw both in concert together in 1969. I still have the handbill.
3. The two sides of Julian Casablancas - the classic crooner and the post apocalyptic musician. I am truly in love with the classic design of the Christmas 45.
4. The New Detroit, if #2 is where Detroit rock was #4 is where we are today. Two great bands, great music, and great design.
5. This double 45 is the interesting acquisition. The first part (including sleeve) came with an issue of NME and the second part was ordered from England. Each 45 is single sided with an etching on the B-side.
6. Simplicity and Chaos. Not only a contrast in music but a contrast in design. Both with a nod to the past.
7. The Strokes. Both translucent vinyl that beautifully match the sleeve design. A complete package.

There were many more that I had to save for another time. I think this calls for a 45 dance party some time today.

May 4, 2010

From Polaroid to Postage

As you can see from my previous posts I've been having a lot of fun with the Instant Back on my Diana + camera, so it's about time that I found a crafty way to use these beautiful pictures.

It's very easy to turn one of these cute photos into a beautiful card for any occasion.
You'll need:
- A piece of card stock or blank folded card (this piece is 8.5" x 5.5")
- A photo
- Photo corners (any colour)
- Some Embellishments (Above some Japanese masking tape and a felt tip pen)
- A bone folder (optional)

The first step is to fold (if using a piece of card stock) measure half way down the piece of card and use the a ruler and the bone folder to score the fold line. This will ensure a clean and accurate fold line. Next, embellish as you see fit. Finally, move the photo around until you find the spot you like and affix the photo corners.

All that is left is to place the photo and trim the tape or other embellishments as necessary.

Having a stash of blank envelopes and cards and card stock is a necessary part of craft life. Depending on how you plan on delivering your message an envelope might be necessary or maybe not, the envelope might be embellished or maybe not. This same idea can be used to make a gift tag by affixing your photo to a blank luggage tag, a flat card for a postcard look, stickers, stamps and ribbons will give you a different look and feel. The sky is the limit and your options are endless. Have fun!