July 29, 2010

Rock. Rock. Rock n' Roll Birthday!

Last week was my birthday and I must say I think it was one of the best one's yet. I also think that the gifts I received really show how my friends see my style - and I like it.
Above from left: A rockin' leather vest from my mom, a scarf from Aaron, below an elvis birthday card from Joc, and a flyer for the show I chose to rock out at.
As well, thanks to Joc my dream of rock and roll nails came true. These nails are inspired by the awesome designs from Valley Nails in NYC. I'm already planning my next rock nail outing. Thanks for a great birthday guys.

July 19, 2010

Hit Record

I couldn't resist passing on such a great idea. If you haven't checked out hitrecord.org you should it is a really interesting idea. It is a real chance to collaborate with others in art, music, photography, etc.

What would you collaborate on?

July 8, 2010


There truly is nothing like a road trip and this past double holiday (Canada Day / July 4th) weekend will definitely go down as one of the best.

We started off with some Canada Day fireworks and BBQ on July 1st. On July 2nd we drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana to see some friends and their bands and to check out the T-shirt in person. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I couldn't have had a better time. We had to head back to Canada on July 3rd but soaked up as much celebration as we could on our way home. It was short but packed with fun!

The T-Shirt

My favorite picture of the weekend - Aaron in front of a diner in Fort Wayne, IN.