August 30, 2010

How to: Birthday Card

A personal touch is always appreciated. Try it out!

August 26, 2010

Ann Marie Doyle Identity

I recently completed a full identity package for Ann Marie Doyle. The package includes her logo, business cards, a letterhead, wrap around envelope labels, and a blog header. I love this package. It is young, professional and full of energy - just like Ann Marie.

One of the more fun elements of Ann Marie's package is her interactive business card. The back of the business card uses Ann Marie's logo as the word "am" and allows her to fill in the appropriate word for the recipient. This is a great networking tool and is something that sets her apart from the rest.

Ann Marie's blog even received a simple update with a new blog header - making all of the parts of her identity/brand cohesive.

August 18, 2010

{rad} identity

As I previously posted I ordered some stamps to use in conjunction with printed materials for my identity but I needed to spend some time finding the perfect balance and I've definitely found it. The set was inspired by classic industrial design. I wanted it feel bright and clean with hand done touches, the way things used to be.
The set uses orange and white with some touches of kraft paper and orange grid paper. It includes a letterhead and envelope with a hand stamped logo and return address.
As well as business cards and postcards. I felt that it was important to have piece of the set that could be used as a note or thank you card. I had postcards printed and left the back blank and found orange velum envelopes to match with a piece of orange grid paper inserted inside to obscure the note. It's much nicer to get a hand written note then an email.
I've added a couple personal touches to spruce up some plain moleskine notebooks and orange note folders with an industrial feel. I couldn't be happier.

August 17, 2010

My Home Town

{Sarnia and WAMBO}

I made a trip home last week and while I was there I tested out my new Diana+ lens for my DSLR. I'm really pleased at how the lens worked on my camera - can't wait to use it some more. The small city I grew up in has some great signage and architecture with a good amount of small city charm. While home I also had the chance to go check out WAMBO, a classic boat and car show. It was awesome.
The Cromwell Grill - a classic diner and my favorite club sandwich
I love this sign - a new restaurant with classic style
below, in contrast, the view just outside of the city on the way to WAMBO

A beautiful site - cars in every style, colour and shape.
Check out that Ford, why can't cars look like this anymore?
Last but certainly not least, the car that chose me - a 1967 Pontiac Beaumont Sport Deluxe. Such a cool car, strong and stylish in black and chrome, it's like a great piece of jewelry.

August 6, 2010

{rad} rubber stamp

I have a love for all things stationary - pens, papers, envelopes, tapes and rubber stamps. My love of office supplies started early - from going through the office in my grandmothers house to getting excited about back to school shopping - it's about time I had my own stamp. I've been working on my own stationary recently and wanted it to reflect what I've done so far (my business card and blog) as well as my affinity for DIY.

Rubber stamps are a great way to add your touch to any plain stationary set. Above I have stamped paper, plain envelopes, luggage tags and plain seals but the sky is truly the limit. I'm still playing around with what the final set will look like but I'll post it when I'm all done.

So if you're looking to add some flair to your mail or even make custom bags or tags for a business try a rubber stamp.