August 17, 2010

My Home Town

{Sarnia and WAMBO}

I made a trip home last week and while I was there I tested out my new Diana+ lens for my DSLR. I'm really pleased at how the lens worked on my camera - can't wait to use it some more. The small city I grew up in has some great signage and architecture with a good amount of small city charm. While home I also had the chance to go check out WAMBO, a classic boat and car show. It was awesome.
The Cromwell Grill - a classic diner and my favorite club sandwich
I love this sign - a new restaurant with classic style
below, in contrast, the view just outside of the city on the way to WAMBO

A beautiful site - cars in every style, colour and shape.
Check out that Ford, why can't cars look like this anymore?
Last but certainly not least, the car that chose me - a 1967 Pontiac Beaumont Sport Deluxe. Such a cool car, strong and stylish in black and chrome, it's like a great piece of jewelry.

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