May 7, 2010

Make & Give: For Mom

A couple of days ago I posted the instructions for turning a polaroid into a folded card. Now that my mom has received this in the mail I can show you how to turn that card into a gift for Mom ( or anyone else special in your life).

First, find some items that the recipient will enjoy that will fit neatly onto your envelope. I chose a Fauchon chocolate bar and a 1" pin with a picture of a bird - both are items I think my mom would find special. I then used decorative Japanese masking tapes to attach the items to the envelope, you could also use ribbons or yarn or any of the various colours or widths of painters tapes now available.

Next, because this was going in the mail I wrapped it in some tissue so that the chocolate bar would get their in one piece. Even if you weren't going to send it this just adds another layer of fun, remember those great party games where you passed the item around and everyone removed a layer?

The next step is to make your package road worthy (or mail worthy in this case). I used a brown manila envelope that was double the size of my card (because that was the size I had at home), I wrapped it around the card twice and sealed it. This left the sides open and another opportunity to make the package pretty - again your imagination is the only limit. As an aside I love manila envelopes and wish they came in every shape and size.

Lastly, to make sure it's sealed up and to leave no space unadorned I worked on the back. A cute stamp or sticker would have also been a great option. The only thing left to do is address it and send it off to that special person. I don't know anyone who wouldn't love to find this surprise waiting for them in their mailbox.
Have a great weekend and send a piece of snail mail.

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  1. Hi Cassie - Hope all is well with your engagement. I was just starting to blog about this and realized I should ask for your permission...may I use an edited version of your top photo? I'm writing about ways to give grad gifts. Thanks for considering! You can reach me at giftedmailbox(at)