May 26, 2010

Hanky Panky

It has been a balmy 95 degrees with humidity the last couple of days and is showing no signs of cooling off. When it's this hot we can all use a hanky. Below is a beautiful hanky made for this weather.
This is a quick and easy project for a sunny spring day.
First you will need a hanky, you can buy plain cotton hankies for under a dollar each or if you have fabric scraps hanging around you can make one by sewing a 1/4" hem around the outside of a 12" x 12" square.

Next, I used a punch to punch circles and scissors to cut a "C" out of Freezer Paper. Freezer Paper is the key to this project. It has a waxed side and a clean side once you have your shape cut out iron the waxy side down to the hanky.

Now place your hanky on some scrap paper (incase the paint bleeds through the fabric) use a paint brush to paint fabric paint or screen printing paint over your cut out shapes. Peel away the paper and you're done. Let the paint dry and follow the instructions on your paint bottle to set the paint.

This would make a lovely gift for anyone and completely customizable. Depending on the design you choose this would make a great gift for a mother, father, bride, groom or just a good friend.

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