January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

{These are the people in my neighbourhood}

I live in a very interesting neighbourhood in Toronto. It is just above downtown and feels like a real neighbourhood. In the last couple of days it has snowed more then it has all winter so I went for a walk and took some pictures to show what winter is like in my neighbourhood.

(taken with a Nikon with the Diana+ lens)

First, a woman cross country skiing down the sidewalk. Not something you expect to see in the city.

(taken with my iPhone with a Retro Camera App)

Next, a couple of blocks over is a house with a giant elephant in their front yard, covered in snow. Not it's usual habitat.

(taken with my Nikon)

One of my favourite houses in the neighbourhood the greek house. Good anytime of year but even better covered in a blanket of snow - like a gingerbread house. What makes your neighbourhood unique?

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