January 25, 2011

Goin' On A Trip

{travel essentials}

When you go away for a week or even a weekend it is important to bring things that will keep entertained while on a plane (train or car), something to read, and something that will make you feel at home. These items evolve over time and with gained travel experience. Here are some of mine and Aaron's (I figured out his from years of observation).

For Him:
- A stylish toiletry bag (I made him this one for Christmas)
- A good magazine
- Playing cards
- A men's essentials kit (comb, scissors and nail clippers)
- A bottle opener

For Her:
- Notebooks and Paper
- Bubble gum
- Travel size products (Static Guard - Don't forget it)
- Newspapers and Magazine (New Monocle Newspaper!)
- My trusty Travel Organizer

A travel organizer is very important for me, I have to have everything in the same place or I am bound to forget something. This one (that I made) has space for passports, travel documents, a notebook and a pen. I am much more prepared for Check In and Security with this pouch and it fits nicely into my carry on.

Are there any travel items that you find essential? I'm always looking for new items and tips!

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