January 17, 2011

Don't Waste the Proof

This past Christmas I gave my Mom a gift that I was more excited about then any other gift I have ever given. During a trip home in the fall I was looking through some photos with my Mom and found a beautiful snapshot of my grandparents from before they were married. I knew that we needed to preserve some of these photos so I brought a couple home with me with the promise of digital files. My real plan was to scan the photo, touch up all the cracks and creases, enlarge it, have it printed on archival paper and have it framed. It turned out beautiful and was the focus of conversation for much of the holiday.

Part of the printing process was the approval of a proof, the proof was in itself beautiful and I had to come up with a way to display it. The proof included a section of the full size image and a full size snapshot. Below is how I took the proof and found a way to display it.

Above are the materials I used - the proof, a piece of mat board, a ruler, utility knife, some photo corners and a frame.

Next, I took some measurements - the frame, the photo and the border factor. I decided to just use the large portion.

I trimmed the photo and picked the larger photo corners. I moved the photo around and took some measurements and used the eraser and knife to hold it in place while I attached the corners.

Place it in the frame et viola! A beautiful piece of art with a great story.

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