October 12, 2010

(Canadian) Thanksgiving : Thanks Mom

This past weekend was Thanksgiving and as usual my mom made it beautiful in an non-traditional way. I think that when people think of Thanksgiving they think of deep, dark colours, corn and turkeys but it doesn't have to be. The thoughts behind her Thanksgiving decor were fall colours, nature and natural fabrics.
The dishes are vintage Vera sunflower plates which are great for the summer when mixed with white but equally beautiful for fall when mixed with a natural linen table cloth.
The flowers are from the back yard and the leaves were picked up on a walk in the park. The flowers keep with the colour palette by using varying shades of yellow. You don't have to match colours exactly - if you keep it monochromatic it will work.
Lastly, my mom's untraditional dessert - carrot cake. But doesn't it just make sense? Carrots are a great fall vegetable in a beautiful fall colour. So next time you're planning a dinner or family gathering look to what you have in your cabinet and how you can use it in a different way. I hope that these photos inspire you to look at things in a different way.

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