October 13, 2010

Make: Coffee Sleeve

Today I want to share with you the instructions to make a rockin' coffee sleeve. With the cold weather here why not dress up your favorite warm beverage with this simple project.

You will need:
- a cardboard coffee sleeve (to use as a template)
- a scrap piece of medium density felt
- freezer paper
- fabric paint and brush
- a punch or exacto knife to cut out your design
- sewing machine (or a needle and thread)
- iron

First, fold your felt in half and using your chalk trace the coffee sleeve and cut it out.

Next, cut or punch the design out of a piece of freezer paper that will fit on your sleeve. Iron the waxy down to adhere the freezer paper to your felt. Using your fabric paint and brush stencil in your design.

Finally, using either a sewing machine or your needle and thread, sew the two short edges together and viola a great gift for yourself or the coffee lover in your life. This is only one way to decorate your coffee sleeve - you could also embroider, stud or glitter your design so let your imagination run wild.

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