September 8, 2010

Make: Letter Carrier

As this week is back to school and I love stationary I thought I would share with you the instructions to make an easy stationary carrier to keep for yourself or give to a friend.

You'll need:
- A piece of card stock 8.5" x 11" and another 5.5" x 5.5"
- miscellaneous stationary (cards, envelopes, papers, post cards, stickers, etc)
- a small notebook (optional)
- paper clips, binder clips
- embellishments and a label
- a sewing machine (or double sided tape)
- a utility knife and ruler

First, score the piece of 8.5" x 11" card 5.5" from the edge to aid in folding in half accurately. Use your ruler to find a pleasing angle, use your utility knife to cut the corner off of your 5.5" square to create a shape similar to one above.

Use your sewing machine to attach the pocket you created to your other piece of card. I use the longest stitch and move quickly. If you do not have a sewing machine use double sided tape, craft glue or a glue gun to affix. Next stuff the pocket with all of your bits and pieces and use the paper clips to hold stickers or notes. You can even paste an envelope to the other side to create a second pocket.

And finally, decorate the front with a label and any other embellishments you have on hand. Use a binder clip to keep your folder closed. This is a great way to keep stationary on hand in your tote bag or on vacation. I've even given these to friends and family going on vacation and loaded them with postcards, stamps and luggage tags. Have fun and write often.

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