December 9, 2010

Make: Holiday Crackers

{Christmas: Idea 3}

Making your own Christmas crackers is a lot of fun and really easy. By making your own crackers it allows you to personalize the crackers to the people or the party. The crackers below do not actually crack but the piece that cracks is available for purchase at some craft stores.

Here we go:

You'll need - toilet paper rolls, scrap paper, ribbon, treats and trinkets, stuffing and items to decorate the outside of the crackers.

First, wrap the toilet roll with paper leaving a couple of inches on side of roll. Tie one end closed with ribbon and stuff the bottom with stuffing. I make my stuffing from scrap paper and ribbon run through a paper shredder.

Next, fill the cracker with candy, trinkets and a fortune and a little more stuffing. Tie the other end of the cracker closed and decorate as you see fit. If you're personalizing them make sure to add the persons name or first initial.

This year I didn't include a crown inside because I found these great metallic crowns from West Elm by David Stark but tissue crowns are always a nice touch. We use our Christmas crackers for breakfast on Christmas morning so the fancy crowns will be an added bit of glam. No matter your age a holiday cracker will add a bit of fun and whimsy to your holiday party.

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