November 1, 2010

and it begins... {the holidays}

As I was taking down my halloween decorations and putting them away I took a look at my holiday supplies and began to think about my favorite part of the holidays - gift wrapping. I decided that today was the day to plan out my gift wrap color scheme and figure out what I needed to buy this year.

Above is the scheme I came up with - red, white, silver and blue, mixed with craft paper items. I have red and white twine, some glittered peace signs and wrapping paper that is red, white and silver. Craft paper items are a staple of mine so I always have them on hand. A little nature with some glitter and snow.

Above will be my base - wrapping paper that includes my colour scheme, craft paper items, manila luggage tags, white tissue paper and grey crepe paper.

Some of the little touches are above - I pulled out anything that looked like it match my scheme. I have some of these cute dog cards (Martha Stewart) from last year so I'll use them again this year.

The present toppers. I like adding something extra to the top of gifts and bows will not do. Earlier this year I picked up the small glass ornaments and some crepe paper bells. I have some peace signs, tape and twine for the smaller packages.

Finally, let's talk about what I'm going to saving from the recycling bin for the next month or so. Toilet paper rolls - I make my own Christmas crackers. Brown paper bags - a lot of stores have switched to unbranded paper bags and they work great with my scheme. Glass jars and bottles - for home made goodies.

I know that it's early to start thinking about the holidays but if you start planning now you will save time, money, and you won't miss out on the really good stuff by waiting to the last minute. Remember - everyone loves a hand written note and beautifully wrapped gift. Over the next little while I will be sharing with you some of my unconventional gift wrapping tips and tricks!


  1. Can you believe it! Halloween is over and already Christmas is in the air!!! it's crazy! You are preparing—what I should be doing! Better to get it done early so you are not so swamped in december!
    Can't wait to see what you make!

  2. Cassandra, I am loving this! Great job - I love seeing all your 'theme' supplies laid out like this. For the first time, I've been thinking about making a theme for my own wrapping...last year was a bit stressful, to be honest! Look forward to more posts.
    : )