February 23, 2012

Wedding Invite Sneak Peek

Happy New Year! As soon as 2012 hit it really started to sink in…I'm getting married! And it is fast approaching.  So I have really amped up my planning in the past two months. First on the list invites. I have finished letter-pressing my invites and RSVP cards on my L Letterpress, I found envelopes and beautiful dotted tissue to line them with and I finally decided on a paper stock for an information sheet. The invites are now complete. They have been addressed, stamped and are ready to go. I'm trying to keep some mystery for those who will be receiving one but I'm just too excited to wait any longer to share a couple of photos. Enjoy!

From the photos you can see that they are grey and white with a touch of pink. The letter-pressing is done partly in grey and partly blind, and it is all packaged neatly with some grey and white twine.  I am so happy with how they turned out and must thank the great people at The Paper Place in Toronto for their help in confirming that this beautiful dotted tissue would work as a liner.

I have a few more sneak peeks to come and a couple new projects to share. Thanks for being patient.

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  1. The couples should have in clear mind to whether they are using the RSVP or stationary invitations. It's there choice to select it as per their need. One of my friend also using the wedding planner iPhone app for planning his wedding and he using the RSVP for sending the invitation to the guest.