July 8, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

As the wedding planning moves along the ideas have started to come together.  With the wedding about ten months away we've picked a date, a theme, a venue, I've got my dress and the save the date cards are almost done.  I've also picked a colour palette - yes a whole palette not just a colour or two.  And this palette of greys, pinks, oranges and purples, along with our vintage modern french theme (inspired by our style and venue) has started the ideas flowing.

And I've started gathering supplies and inspiration.  Above, a delicious grapefruit soda that has a hint pink colour makes me want to serve sodas with striped straws, the grey and white twine will function in a few different ways, and the candy in all the colours of my palette will add a bit of fun and whimsy.

This candy makes me think of beautiful jars filled with sweets and served up with scoops and tongs, with something for everything it's like a self serve candy store.

I don't want to give it all away but a couple hints won't hurt. I hope that other brides and those looking for some fun summer party ideas find inspiration in my palette and ideas.

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